I can do that....

I have to laugh at myself sometimes when I am shopping or looking through a catalog at the number of times I say...I can do that!  You know you've said it!  This is one of those times that I said it and I did it for FREE.  I like easy and cheap projects and this sisal bulletin board struck my fancy when I received my new Ballard Designs catalog the other day.  I just happened to have everything I needed leftover from other "I can do that" projects :)

Things you need:

glue gun, silver spray paint (optional) and a piece of cork the size of your frame (I bought it in a roll from Micheal's or Hobby Lobby, I think??).  

I decided I wanted my frame to be silver so I removed the picture and glass first.  Then I spray painted the frame.  Next, I hot glued the cork to the cardboard backing from the frame.  I cut a piece of sisal carpet remnant (found in the remnant section of my local carpet store) just a hair bigger than my cardboard backing  and hot glued it on top on the corkboard.  Lastly, I popped it in my frame!
I had recently gathered a bunch of old photos of my grandparents and parents and I needed a cute way to display them.  I love it!  



One year and some days later.....

It was a long time getting here but I think I may be finally getting the hang of blog design.  Thanks to all those who kindly post everything there is to know about blogging online.  This blog is because of you!


Holy MULCH Batman!!

Mr. C had the idea that WE would mulch this weekend, oh joy!  So after a very tight squeeze through the gate by the dump truck and a narrow miss of the power lines, we were the proud parents of twenty yards of mulch.  Now I have never personally given birth but I suspect the pain is something comparable to the aches and pains I feel on day three of this project. 

Day 2 started out a little more hopeful because the pile didn't look quite as daunting but I petered out pretty quickly.  I am excellent in a supervisory capacity and I can mix a mean cup of ice water as well.
 Mulching 101: Just a few helpful tips to make your mulching experience more enjoyable(than mine)

Mulching Tip #1
Make sure your car is not in the carport before dump truck delivers mulch.  (This proved to be a problem until the end of day two when Mr. C finally shoveled enough of one side of the pile so we were able to get a car down the driveway. )
Mulching Tip #2
Check your gloves BEFORE you put them on for varmits that decided to take up residence during the night.  Learned that one the hard way.
Mulching Tip #3
Make sure your mulching partner has a harder work ethic than you so your task will get completed, take lots of bathroom breaks to kill time and offer your partner lots of water so it seems like you are doing something to help when in fact you are cooling off!

I hope you have a "no work" weekend!
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